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Sunday, May 30

This Left Feels Right

I'm a total music geek. Not in the cool way, either, but in the honestly geeky way. Meaning, I like geeky, popular things and not cool independent things. Of course, that is a wide range of things so I guess that is a little bit of geeky chic. Which all leads me to while I'm typing this at 12:30 am on Sunday morning. I just finished this really interesting book by Kelley Armstrong. Fiction geek. Another thing you'll realize about me if I keep this thing up. So, reaching down into my bag, I found a cd I'd checked out a looooong time ago. Bon Jovi's This Left Feels Right. I think its supposed to be a pseudo-acoustic outing. Its interesting, a departure from the normal acoustic outings a la MTV Unplugged. I don't know if I like it. That may have more to do with it being way too late for Bon Jovi instead of the actual CD. I will say that You Give Love a Bad Name is worth listening to. After years of hating one of the most overplayed songs in the history of radio, it is reinvented on this cd with surprising success.


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