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Tuesday, April 26

Not quite over yet Idol review


  • A Feddy almost won me over tonight.
  • Vonzell almost won me over tonight
  • Constantine had better be kicked off
  • Bo sang one of my favorite songs and I wasn't overly impressed. I still like him best.

Constantine also sang one of my favorite songs (I've talked about my Chad Kroeger obsession before, right?) and he was very, very bad. Simon just said it was a bad imitation of the original, and that is exactly right. BAD being the key word. It was AWFUL!

Simon has a good ear. He was right about Vonzell being pitchy. I'm not saying she wasn't good, she was. But, in the beginning, she was not in tune. And, I suspect, when they watch it, they'll hear it.

Oh yeah, Scott still has to go. I'm going to hate him, so no reason to wait for his performance....


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