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Thursday, May 19


Now they are writing the horoscopes for me. This was today's 'scope.

There's magic in the air for one and all, but in your case, it's magic of the most alluring kind. You can call in sick, can't you? You've got better things to do, whether you know it or not.

I say they are writing it for me because I had already planned (a long time ago) to take today off and go see that Sith movie. I had to go in for a few hours today, though, because Cubs Fan came to visit. I must say this was NOT a hardship for me. Nope, not at all. Have I mentioned my consuming crush before? I'm sure I have. Anyway, with the Cubs and Sox playing this weekend, it practically BEGGED for a small wager. Dinner at St. Elmo's. That's small, right? GO Sox!

So, the horoscope seems to be pretty accurate for today. Now if I can just work on the part when I come into a ton of money......

More on the Sith later. (But, you know, WOW!)


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