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Wednesday, October 12

Extremely gracious

Mike Scioscia was very gracious in the post game interviews. I have to say, honestly, that I thought AJ was out too. Those of you who saw the game, or the zillions of replays that will be shown between now and Friday, will see what I mean. But, if the umpire goes back on his call, then there is nothing that can be done about that. If I were an Angels fan, I would be pissed.

But, I'm not an Angels fan.

Besides, that one bad call, while it was at the end of the game, was nothing compared to these TWO bad calls against the Sox.

I give you exhibit 1:

Aaron is safe here. An inside the park home run is turned into an out. Ridiculous! This should have been a run.

Exhibit #2

Crede here is obviously safe at second. Don't know if this would have scored a run, but it certainly wouldn't have been the second part of the double play that it turned out to be.

But, these plays (and the AJ play) aside, neither one of these teams played good baseball tonight. As usual, the pitching was outstanding. Scioscia said that his team should have played well enough to absorb a controversial play like that, and I agree. It shouldn't have been an issue. The game shouldn't have been tied. Neither team could get the bats going. I think that is what this series is going to come down to, and I hope the Sox bats wake up first!

edit: umpire is saying that he didn't call him out. The motion he made is almost universal for out, but he's contending that he'd been using that motion all game, and it didn't mean out. He's also contending that in close calls like that, the catcher usually, as a matter of routine, tags the batter out just to CYA


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