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Wednesday, February 8

2 junior cheeseburgers at Wendys......

Or a brand new, pristine copy of one of my favorite books. I think I got the better bargain this time.

I may have mentioned this book before. But, if I haven't, its basically a biography of Rick Bragg's mother. But, in a lot of ways, it is much more than that. Perhaps, given all the hoopla over James Frey's bio, I'd better call this a memoir. That's semantics, of course, but all the same....

Anyway, I can't tell you how I came across this book the first time, but I recommend it to everyone now. Bragg has a very quick, easy and hilarious way of writing. I would compare this book to Frank McCourt's Angela's Ashes.....although not quite as depressing as all that.

Give it a read if you're so inclined. But I was very stoked to get a brand new copy for 2 bucks!


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