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Sunday, March 26

Book Reviews

I'm sure all this reading of books will show itself in my final exams......but I'm chalking it up to its my job and I have no choice. ;o)

Two Minute Rule

Loved it. Not part of Crais' usual series, but I still couldn't stop turning the pages. Crais is on my short list of all time favorite crime fiction writers, so I confess to being biased. I would tell you what its about, but RC says it much better than I do here.

Take Me

I confess to having never heard of Bella Andre before, but this book popped up in some review journal and I was intrigued. Heroine who is a size 16......nearly unheard of in romance fiction. Great book. I'll recommend her to everyone I know now......provided they can deal with the word cock. She definitely likes that word. (And who can blame her?!) If you can't, skip it. Definitely not for you.

Forbidden Magic

Nearly the exact opposite of the book above. One dimensional characters. Zero dimensional plot. I give credit to the people who finished it........I'm not a member of that club. I was bored from page one, and that is never a good sign. She is wearing great shoes on the cover, though. If only that were enough......


Pictures! I'm not an NBA fan, but I like pictures! Its a beautiful book.

Faith in Carlos Gomez: A memoir of of salsa, sex and salvation

Hmmmm. Well, I read this on the plane ride to Vegas. Its interesting. Definitely has some parts that are laugh out loud funny. I think the subtitle makes it seem like its more serious than it is. Salvation? I don't know. Maybe. I just thought it was a fun little book.


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