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Saturday, June 3

Evolution of Eric Schrody

I've really been having much too much fun with this you tube thing. No, seriously. But, its so interesting to see some of these things again. And its totally interesting to compare and contrast some of these things!

For instance: Eric Schrody.

Exhibit 1: The pre-Marky Mark era (before there was a Marky Mark) Not a bad song, I suppose. I had this cassette. (yeah, I said it. Its true. So what.) I wish I could find it now because I'm sure it would crack me up. I bet he's embarrassed by these things now.

Exhibit 2: the undergrad frat party anthem. I can't believe they still play this song in clubs (and probably still at frat parties for all I know.)

Exhibit 3: And now for something completely different. Still one of my favorite songs. "I knew this kid named Max, he used to get fat stacks, out on the corner with drugs...."

Exhibit 4: The brilliant collaboration with Santana. I can't even tell you how many times I've listened to this song. Just tonight. Its the voice. I love the voice.

Exhibit 5: From the last album. Quite a big difference from Exhibit 1, no?

And then, back to the beginning. Love "Graves to Dig"


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