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Tuesday, February 13

Shock & Awe

So, yesterday at.....oh.....5:45 I ordered a pair of shoes from I can't tell you where I heard about them, but I need a pair of sandals (yes, I know we just got 8.5 inches of snow up on the NW side of Naptown!). I need the sandals for Spring Break. I was really just looking, but I found some that were cute, so I ordered them. Not only did I not have to pay for shipping, but they GAVE ME $5 bucks off for shipping. So, the price of my shoes, minus 5. Sweet.

Not only that (because that is just a special deal they're running for February) but they have overnight shipping.

Not only that, but UPS delivered my shoes in the middle of a $*@^&! snowstorm! I felt so sorry for the guy!

It is safe to say I am both shocked and awed. I think I love this store.

Oh yeah, and they have men's shoes too. Don't be shy, guys.

I bought these, in lovely Palomino. But, I also saw about twelve different pairs of shoes that I coveted!


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