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Friday, March 2


Larry Rosenthal, whose apartment was destroyed last October when late Yankees P Cory Lidle’s plane flew into an Upper East Side building, has filed a $7M lawsuit against the Lidle family. The suit states that Lidle was “reckless, careless and negligent in causing his plane to strike” the building (N.Y. POST, 3/2).

Okay, this has got to be the most disgusting thing ever. Yes, yes, I understand that they lost their apartment. Wasn't he insured? Lidle's family lost, well, Cory Lidle. Now they're being sued by some asshole for 7 million bucks?! For an f-ing apartment?! It isn't even for injuries. They WEREN'T EVEN HOME at the time of the accident! I'm not arguing that it wasn't negligent. It was negligent. Great. You win. You escaped with your life, and your insured items will be replaced. Move on. Don't be an asshole......oops, too late.


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