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Friday, April 27

New Books -- picture book edition

Since I won't be reading much until after finals.......Yay! Picture books for adults.

This one was my favorite: Creole Houses Traditional Homes of Old Louisiana Beautiful pictures of old houses, inside and out. You might learn something too.....if you read. But I didn't. I just looked at the pretty pictures.

New Architecture: an international atlas: This one is less exciting. Still beautiful pictures from different structures, but, well, I guess you really need to know (or care) about architecture to appreciate it. If that describes you, though, then have at it!

Sock Monkeys: 200 out of 1,863 This book scared the bejesus out of me. Picture after picture of sock moneys. I had no idea I would find it that disturbing. I did. I put it away. Quickly.

Mexicocina: the spirit and style of the Mexican kitchen You would think, from the title, that this might be a cookbook. While there are some recipes hidden in here, it is mostly a book on the style and design of Mexican kitchens. I know, I know. It says style in the subtitle. Still, when I picked it up, I thought it would be a cookbook. Still a very interesting book.

The World's Top Photographers: Landscape: and the stories behind their greatest images: Pretty Pictures!


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