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Saturday, October 20

And so it goes

I had an interview yesterday with a place I was pretty sure I wouldn't like. And, then, I ended up liking it quite a bit. Funny how that happens, no?

My internship/clerkship ROCKS. No, really, it does.

I may have to reverse my position on Zicam. I believe the cold was here just as long as it would have been otherwise. And, at least with Nyquil, it knocks me out and I don't know I have a cold!

I got contacted this week by two former friends (one from high school, one from undergrad) through the miracles that are Myspace and Facebook. Yay! Joining was worth it for those two reconnections alone.

We had some crazy storms or whatever on Thursday. Completely effed up my TIVO for Mad Men. The sound kept cutting in and out. But, what I did see.......damn. I KNEW she was pregnant, KP! I knew it!

Oh yeah, I talked to about seven people at my interview yesterday, six of them asked me about the library. LOL. December 9th, people. December 9th. I'll be there. Somewhere.....

I need another fall break. This wasn't very break-like.

And Outlook just informed me that the MPRE is 2 weeks from today. How on EARTH am I going to fit studying for that in? Come on, former law students, help me out. An hour or two a day is all I need, right?


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