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Thursday, March 20


British Memoirist Denied US EntrySelf-professed dandy and artist Sebastian Horsley was denied entry into the United States on Tuesday. Flying in from Heathrow Airport to kick off a news media tour and book launch for the American edition of his memoir "Dandy in the Underworld," published last week by Harpe rPerennial, Horsley was detained by customs authorities for eight hours at Newark Liberty International Airport and sent back to London on the grounds that his former drug addiction, use of prostitutes and activity as a male escort, documented in the memoir, constituted "moral turpitude."

Horsley's book party last night at Housing Works carried on without him. "I believe this book is very important," Harper Perennial publisher Carrie Kania told the NYT's Motoko Rich. "It certainly moved me, and we’re going to continue to back it 100 percent." More interesting was the paragraph immediately following Kania's comment: "British public records are not available in the United States, and it was not possible to verify independently many of the details in Mr. Horsley’s memoir."


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