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Thursday, May 22

I have a problem with heroine.

which is why I'm surprised I'm about to gush all over this book.

I am, but first my problem:

When people write heorines, they get carried away. You see it on TV (Buffy, for instance) or in books, people want their heroines to be the toughest, sexiest, friendliest, softest, warmest, cuddliest, ass-kickingest chick on planet earth.
Yawn. That is great for a few eps, or books, but then I get bored. What happens is that the secondary characters end up more interesting because they're more real than the heroine.
It happens with guys too, but I, admittedly, don't notice it as much.

So one reason why I'm gushing over Jeanine Frost, who just released her second book a few weeks ago, is because she has damped down the GHH factor. Her heroine isn't perfect. In fact, she can be down right annoying at times. Everyone in Frost's made up world doesn't want to sleep with her. And, while she is a big bad, there is always a bigger badder waiting in the wings.

And, she has also hit the PW, NYT and USA today bestseller lists. Because she rocks. And her book rocks.
While I liked her first book, I LOVE the second. First book had a better cover, though. I guess that's the tradeoff.

And I'm glad to see she doesn't just save the funny for the printed page.


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