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Woman's virtue is man's greatest invention --- Cornelia Otis Skinner

Wednesday, April 8

I have not!

Who said I disappeared off the face of the earth?! That is NOT true. Where have I been? here some and.....over here some and at work. I kept meaning to post over here, I really did. I've had lots to say, actually! I've seen movies (Race to Witch Mountain, Duplicity, Taken and Fast and Furious!) I've been out and about. Hell, I've even been mentioned in the New York FREAKING Times! (and can I just say how COOL that is? I love pimping books and libraries)

But I missed ya'll! So, I hope to be back soon......and then I'll be gone to study for the bar. I'm sure all of you want to hear about that, though, right? Nothing is more entertaining than a whining blog. Come on.....

What have YOU been up to?


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