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Monday, May 31

Happy Memorial Day

Yesteday was my fourth anniversary in Indianapolis. Just a little piece of advice: Race Day is the best and worst day to move to Indianapolis. Best: traffic is nearly non-existent in the morning and afternoon. Depending, of course, on where you are moving to. Worst: Traffic is IMPOSSIBLE in the evening. I still hear about how my dad and sister sat in traffic trying to get home after helping me move. Four years later. Just so you know.

Wicked storms last night too. Rain, Lightning, Thunder, Tornado.... it wasn't quite like Little House on the Prairie up here on the NW side (you know you all remember that episode...) But, those sirens are still unnerving. Maybe that's what happened to the Pacers?

So, besides learning how to synthesize a rule, I watched a few movies this weekend. I hope to get a couple more in before its back to work in the morning. The roundup so far:

The Italian Job You know, I really wanted to like this movie. Unfortunately, I didn't. Mark was not entertaining. Charlize (who I normally love) was not entertaining. She was annoying. Ed Norton = not entertaining. The only people who were remotely likeable in this movie were Mos Def and The Transporter. (aka Jason Statham) Handsome Rob indeed! The plot was bad. The dialogue was bad. Bad Bad Bad. VERY disappointing.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines Its hard to top T2. That said, I thought this was an ok movie. I was entertained. I liked how they ended it, and I thought they did a good job. I wasn't entralled like I was with T2. But, I'd see the next one.

I also watched a little of The Bourne Identity. I'd seen the movie, loved the movie, and then read the book. Hmmm, that may have been a mistake. Now that I am seeing the movie again, I can't help but wonder what the hell they were thinking. Standing on its own, its a great movie. Compared to the book? Well, I'm curious to see what they do with The Bourne Supremacy in July.

Laundry calls.


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