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Wednesday, September 8


I'm back! I tell ya, this was not the relaxing weekend that I'd hoped it would be. Just as a quick recap:

I drove home to see my dad who was in all kinds of pain from neck arthritis. See, I'd never heard of anyone having arthritis in their neck! Apparently, he hadn't either. He'd thought it was just a stiff neck that was INCREDIBLY painful. After going to the emergency room, they did a CAT scan, and found nothing was wrong there. Arthritis. So, he's feeling much better, Thank God.

On the way back, my water pump decided it was a fine time to stop working. Antifreeze escaping all over I-74. Overheating. Bad news. Luckily for me, I was just between Brownsburg and Crawfordsville. I was coming from Illinois, so this is a very good thing. The cost to fix this mess was NOT a very good thing. It cost me around 100 to tow my car, and a little over 700 to fix it. (belts, pumps, thermostats, oh my!)

But, its fixed. It purrs like a kitten now. I made it to class tonight, but missed my library tour at 5. Of course, it would have been my 3rd tour of the library since May. I don't believe it has changed that much since then....

Alls well that ends well, and I have to go read some torts now. I hope everyone else had a more relaxing (and fun) weekend than I did.


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