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Thursday, September 2

Almost Friday

Ever since Kelly pointed me in the direction of the Russ Parr morning show, back in July, I have been flipping between that and TJMS on the way to work. (And 88.7 when neither of them can hold my interest.) This week, they have been doing all kinds of political talkincluding convention coverage, and also featuring black republicans to talk their side of the issues and why they are supporting Bush. Today, someone was talking about how being a black R can push you to the foreground in the party very quickly. When I heard him say that, my first thought was: Well, isn't that just Affirmative Action? This person is getting farther, quicker, because of his skin color. And if its a female black R? Just a thought.

TJMS was talking about Hurricane Frances. The whole crew is in Florida because this was the weekend of their big Family Reunion, which has been cancelled. They were saying that some families had already arrived, however, so I hope they all stay safe! Florida has really been in the crosshairs over the past month or so. I hope things settle down for them after this. Back in January, someone in Florida must have been doing a little too much bragging to their snowbound cousin in North Dakota.

And today's Sleazy Sun Story is actually clean! Well, almost clean. It's about cleaning......


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