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Monday, July 5

A Failure to Communicate

Today I got braids. Now, I've had braids before, and I love them. I haven't had them in a long time, and I thought it was about time to see what I could do in that area. Most of you have no idea what it emtails, so I'll enlighten you. It entails sitting. For a long, LONG time. A long time. I sat from 8:00-1:30. And, actually, that wasn't nearly as long as I expected. But, the thing is, while they are tiny and I love them, they weren't exactly what I was expecting. The lovely African woman (I have no idea what country) and I had a communication problem. We were both saying the same thing, but we understood it completely differently. As a consequence, I have A LOT more hair on my head (in July!) than I intended. But I'm starting to get used to it. But, its going to up in a ponytail as long as we have this icky, hot, muggy weather. Next time, I think I'll just take a picture, and not worry about it.

On another weird note, one of my favorite radio stations is changing formats. Most of you know I have XM Satellite radio and I love it. But, I only have it in the house, where my regular radio reception was pretty much...nil. In the car, there are about three stations I listen to. I'm all about The Tom Joyner Morning Show on the way to work. Any other time I'm in the car, though, I'm usually flipping between these three radio stations. The one that I listen to most, Retro 93.9 was an all 80s station. Last night, on the way home from the fabulous Lord St. party, I caught the tail end of their holiday weekend 80s A-Z. It was fab. This morning, on my way to get my braids, they're playing tv themes. Apparently, they are undergoing their changeover, which will be unveiled on Friday morning. Until then, its TV theme songs. Pretty cool for a little bit, but it grows old quickly. I'm bummed. No matter what kind of format they have, it can't possibly be as good as what it left behind. Another classic rock station? Yawn. Another "today's hits" station? Gag. The only way it could possibly be better is if it were a classical station (I'm eclectic!) and it won't be. So, I'm bummed. Curious, but still bummed. It looks like I'll be getting that car adapted sooner than I planned.


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