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Friday, July 2

TGIF or TGTCIFO (Thank God That Class is Finally Over!)

Well, its done. Finished. Over. The final was yesterday, and I feel like I did pretty well. Some of the multiple choice questions were a little stress inducing, but I played the "narrow it down" game that they LSAT teaches you. Sometimes, I liked my choices at the end, and sometimes I didn't. I loved the essay part of the test and, honestly, I think I did a good job. Now, of course, my opinion on the matter doesn't really amount for much. But, I'm hoping that C&M agree with my assessment!

So, I'm done now until the end of August when REAL school starts. God help me.

In other news, Mr. C is in the news again for speaking the truth. There will be those who disagree. I agree with his reponse to that. "Let them talk."


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