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Monday, July 5

Festive 4th

Yes, I know its the fifth. But, you know, I have a lot of make-up posting to do, so I'd better split it up. First and foremost, I wanna thank GC, JL, JR and MT for a GREAT 4th of July party! Why is it that I never came to one of these before? MY BAD! There were so many great people there, so many good things to eat, and I got a great parking spot on top of it all! It was a good time and I'm looking forward to the next great Lord St. Party.

I met lots of law-type people there too. Two law librarians from New York. Assorted lawyers for the ICLU (Indiana Civil Liberties Union) and a couple who said they were "recovering attorneys." Love that. The only bad part of the party were two very scared pups who had to go home early because of all that loud pre-fireworks fireworks. One was shaking so hard you could hardly pet her. The other one was trying to dig himself a place to hide. Poor things. Other than that (and my unfortunate incident with the margaritas that I thought was lemonade...) it was a great party. And did I mention the food?


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