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Sunday, December 5

Whew! & Why I'm moving to England

Despite being diagnosed with Bronchitis (those who know me know this is far from rare) I have been on the go these past few days. From study sessions, to car shopping; from work to hair dressers, I think I am going to be wiped out at the end of today. I have been drinking orange juice by the gallons, taking my Amoxicillin like a good girl, and still coughing like the dickens. Ugh. But, I did manage to get all my unwrapped presents wrapped and I'm ready to buy the next round.

A lovely Brit came into the library today and looked bewilderedly at our Fiction collection. He was looking for a SF book, which of course isn't in with the regular fiction, and he just could not understand why they were pulled out. I explained that not only were SF books pulled out, but so were the Westerns and the Mysteries. He said it made no sense, and I absolutely agree. Many librarians disagree with me (obviously) but I was glad to hear someone else say it was completely idiotic and confusing. We also chatted a little bit about Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe series. He's going through the books right now, and I have seen all the movies. (love that Sean Bean.) It made an incredibly boring day a little brighter.

And, I ran into a former colleague of mine from Indiana State. She walked by and I thought "I think I know her." She was thinking the same thing, and came back to the desk. Kind of funny. Anyway, she was looking for the Marriage of Figaro score (K. 492) and I was pleased as punch to do music reference for the first time in TWO years! Boy, I was a little rusty, but we found her what she needed. I miss the old Arts division. It was complete lunacy to dismantle it.

I need a nap. This has been way too much work for me today.


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