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Thursday, April 28

Also for Brian

who happens to like my creepy library guy stories!

Today, someone gives me a note with the instruction to "Read this later." Yes, he wrote that on the note. So, I wait until he's down the stairs, and my friend BBS scoots her chair over to my desk and we proceed to "Read this now."

2 points for handwritten.
2 points for giving it to me himself
-infinity points for being a damnable stalker freak.

Here is what it said. (alarming words in red.)

"Hello Robin,

Just want to say Hi! I'am lonnie, I've been watching you a while. If you are single let me know the next time I come in, If not then forget it. It was nice seeing you Robin, Have a Blessed Day. Bye.

Okay, I understand it might be difficult being a guy and having the responsibility to put yourself out there asking a girl out. But, come on, stalker boy. My sympathy is not without limits. Have I ever given this freak ANY indication that I would like to DATE him? No. I have not. Am I sure? Yes, I am. Positive. Crystal Clear.

Why aren't nice, cute boys giving me notes and asking me out? Why do I have freak karma? (anyone can answer that, not just Brian!)


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