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Thursday, April 21

Not to Overstate

But this could very well be the worst day ever. okay, not ever. But, ever for the month of April 2005. Just....not a good day. I even had lunch at El Sol today. And, while that is always wonderful, the rest of the day just sucked!

Okay, I take that back. I had a very interesting and fun email conversation with one of my audiobook reps today. Poor fella is a Cubs fan, so I had to razz him some. That was a good time. But, other than that, shitty day.

And, since KP didn't do an American Idol wrap-up this week, I want to offer my thoughts.

  1. Anwar got kicked off. Its Bo all the way for me now.
  2. Vonzelle (?) I'm not loving her. My sister loves her, but I'm not crazy about her.
  3. Constantine, A Feddy and Scott should all be voted off at once. Like, right now. Phone lines open....Phone lines closed. I'm sorry. Those three got no votes. Buh-Bye.


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