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Tuesday, May 24

I shouldn't make fun.....

but I can't help it. This may be one of the most ridiculous book blurbs ever.

One man was everything she wanted. And he was black

To Samone Lewis, the only problem with her lover Max was his fear of marriage. He was dark as tree bark after a heavy rain (?!) handsome, hard-working....but would rather say good-bye than "I do." At thirty-plus, suddenly still single and a Harlem sista with attitude, Samone was on the rebound.

Another was everything she needed. But he was white.

Then Jon Everette, frest from California, walked into Samone's office at a New York TV Network. From day one, Jon was funny, caring and crazy about her, even though Samone wanted Max, no ifs, ands or buts. Max understood blackness -- the pride and anger, dreams and pain. Samone didn't date white boys. She sure didn't fall in love with them. If she did, she might have to fight the world, her family, and most of all, herself.

Okay, gag me.


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