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Friday, May 27

meme trolling

Last post for the day. Its almost time for Mexican food and Coronas. But, before I go, I saw this cool (and old) meme that I thought I'd post. I expect to see it duplicated on blogs I read. (hint, hint. you know who you are.) Update: How funny that I'd done a variation of this same meme here.

  1. Act your age? Mostly
  2. Born on what day of the week? Saturday night, baby!
  3. Chore you hate? Dishes! Passionately
  4. Dad's name? James
  5. Essential Makeup Item? Lipstick, even though I very rarely any makeup in the summer.
  6. Favorite Actor(s)? Gary Oldman.....this list could go on forever.
  7. Gold or Silver? Silver
  8. Hometown? East Moline, Illinois
  9. Instruments you play? Flute
  10. Job title? Librarian (for now)
  11. Kids? Nope
  12. Living arrangements? If dust bunnies don't count, I live alone.
  13. Mom's name? Emma Jean (hated Emma, mostly went by Jean.)
  14. Need? Oh yes
  15. Overnight hospital stays? Had eye surgery once when i was a wee tot. Had pneumonia when I was 5.
  16. Phobias? Mold. For some reason, I have this intense and insane fear of mold. Please, don't ask me why.
  17. Quote you like? "Only passion, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things." Denis Diderot
  18. Religious affiliations? Baptist
  19. Siblings? One older sister
  20. Time you wake up? 5:30ish/6 am.
  21. Unique talent? uh......
  22. Vegetable you refuse to eat? tomatoes
  23. Worst habit? Fuck! (swearing)
  24. X-rays you've had? knee, chest, dental...
  25. Yummy food you make? Creme de menthe cheesecake
  26. Zoo animal you like? Tigers.


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