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Wednesday, June 15

In baseball news.....

that doesn't mention the Sox losing 10-4 last night, there were big happenings in Cali last night between the Angels and the red hot Washington Nationals. (of course) has an 8 minute video of the incident where Brendan Donnelly was ejected for having a "foreign substance" in his glove. And then the managers got involved. And then there was a bench clearing "incident." I am heartened to see that no punches were thrown, but words were definitely exchanged. ESPN says the foreign substance was pine tar. (and I mentioned the bit about no punches being thrown BEFORE I read it in the ESPN article, for all those citation police out there.)

The ESPN article sheds some light on things, though, and Donnelly has apparently admitted to the pine tar. I understand that "everybody else does it" argument, but if you get caught, you get caught. End of story. Shut your trap and quit whining.


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