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Monday, June 13

Funny thing

In the world of sports there is this NBA Finals thing going on. I have been completely oblivious to it until I flipped by this morning. There it was, front and center, taking up way too much space. It made me do something odd: think about basketball.

Of course I was a Jordan fan. (his hotness aside, of course.) Living in Illinois, it was hard not to be a Bulls fan in the 90s. Even then, though, I really only watched the finals. The rest of the season held no interest for me. Most of my family (maybe even ALL of my family) loves basketball. Even the ones who swear they aren't sports fans will sit down and watch a basketball game. I've just never been that much of an NBA fan. College basketball is something different. At least it used to be something different. Its becoming more and more NBA like every season.

Now, I don't even watch the finals. And I don't even miss it. I have too much sport in my life as it is, truth be told. Its just funny to think about the evolution.

I'm a geek. Don't pretend like you're just finding this out......


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