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Monday, June 27

Yesterday's CD

On the way up to Chicago yesterday, I was exposed to many different kinds of music. Most of it was on a mixed cd, however, so I can't detail it here. But, I did get to hear Polka Boy for the first time. I expected to hate it, and things turned out exactly opposite! I'm definitely going to have to go see them when they come around again. (which is all the time, right?)

ALA was all right. If you're into authors, and books, I would suggest Book Expo over ALA. If you're into libraries....well, that's a different story. I did swing by all the vendors that I needed to see. I saw some people that I very much wanted to see, and I saw some others that I hadn't expected to see. I went out to lunch at Miller's Pub, swung by the Art Institute so my traveling companions could buy tickets for a visit in July. It was a good time.


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