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Sunday, August 7

All the news....

In trying to take my mind off the sad state of Indiana, where the masses here (at least the ones who write letters to the editor) seem to think that a black child's life is roughly equivalent to the price of a car wash (or however many washes it takes to wash over a couple broken eggs) I've stopped reading the Star and picked up this month's ABA journal.

Fascinating piece of literature, I have to say. In the August issue there is:

An article on librarians, front and center, on pg. 14. Out from the stacks: Librarians lead legal battles over the Patriot Act, Copyright, Tech Issues. Yay us! Its really more about the American Library Association, and not "librarians" per se. We were just talking about ALA a few days ago at work, and about how most librarians that we know don't even belong because its not really futhering the interests of rank and file librarians. I, personally, don't belong because its too damned expensive! I was a member when I was a library student. Twas much cheaper then.

Challenging Peremptories: Court Doesn't buy proposal to end jury selection bias by barring no-cause strikes. (pg. 16)

A Trap for Employers: Retaliation Actions are on the rise in employment discrimination cases. (pg.20) I must admit that I found this article extremely interesting. What DOES constitute retaliation, anyway? As usual, it depends. Fascinating stuff. I'm such a geek.

My favorite article, was the "What Not/To Wear"-esque article called: Business Casual 101: Associate to be learns dressing down is Simply Dressing up, with a twist. (pg. 58) Great stuff! It was strictly male oriented, however, so of no use to me. Still, very interesting.

And this month's "feel good" story was: Happy Ending: Civil Rights Pioneer George Leighton is Named to Receive ABA Medal. (pg.63) Wow. That's all I have to say about him.


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