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Wednesday, August 10

Back at 1

Same Kenny Rogers article that I posted over on Sapere Aude, but now for a little commentary:

First of all, we're acting like being suspended is some sort of physical torture. I could see a 20 game suspension being torture if we were talking about the NFL. That's an entire season and then some! This is a league where they play 182 games. You're crying about 20 games? Excuse me, I think I just stopped listening.

But, the most hilarious thing about this particular article is the "in full support" comment made by one David Wells. Baseball fans will see the irony.

''I'm glad he did that," Wells said in a July 8 story in the Globe. ''He needed to vent. He's been a mild-mannered ballplayer his whole life . . . What Kenny did, I'm fine with. The cameraman wasn't hurt. He went to the hospital, pretending to be hurt. He's winking at another guy, saying, 'I'm going to get paid.' That guy's a [expletive] idiot."

Priceless! I mean, even if the guy was just trying to get a fat payday, having this come from David Wells (of all people) is like putting a rush on the check! And if KR is mild mannered, then I have no desire to see someone high strung.


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