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Friday, October 14

CD of the Day

I have to say that I am disappointed with this one. Maybe I shouldn't be, who knows. Anyway, she was on American Idol a few years ago......I guess she was on the year Fantasia won. I was not a Fantasia fan then, and I'm only marginally more appreciative of her now, but I really liked LaToya London.

Her cd? Not so hot. I'm not finished going through it yet, but, so far, its mediocre. At times, the problem is her voice. But, mostly, the songs are......not good. So far, there is one that I like, and one that is all right. The rest, I could do without. I remember seeing a video for one of the songs and hoping that it wasn't the best song on that cd because I didn't like it at all. Maybe the rest of the cd will be fantastic, and I'll have to edit this review, but I doubt it.


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