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Thursday, October 27

A great quote

John Kass had a great article in the Trib today about the Sox. One quote, in particular, made me think of all the people who look down on sports fans with great disdain.

I work with a great many of them.

Championships are rare around here. And World Series rings won't end crime, or lower your taxes. But they reward us for believing, for dreaming, for staying loyal.

The same thing could be said re: Colts fans. They haven't won anything yet, but they could be well on their way. While I am not a Colts fan (and would never pretend to be) I do appreciate Tony Dungy, and a great many of the Colts players. I appreciate what a Superbowl Championship would mean to this City, and I appreciate what a new stadium/convention center will mean to this city. That was immediately what I thought of when I read Kass's quote. (I still hate that grammatical construction, by the way.)


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