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Wednesday, November 23

Stop! Scam Artist!

So, last night, I'm sitting at my computer chatting with a friend. Nothing new about that, I do it every night.

Yes, every night. So what?! Its a ritual. A routine. A time honored tradition....


So, I'm chatting with her and the phone rings. Local number, but one that I don't recgonize. Its after ten, so it can't POSSIBLY be a telemarketer. (Even though I am on the Do Not Call list....)

Caller: May I speak to Robin?
ME: Speaking
Caller: Good evening. I'm calling about your Mastercard application. Its been approved for $5000. I just need to get some information from you.
ME: (long pause) I didn't apply for any Mastercard
Caller: (medium pause) Thank you. We'll cancel that for you. Good night.

Hmmmm, scam artist? After ten? On a Tuesday night?! Come on! When I tried to call the number back, it was a fax machine, or some other kind of data line.



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