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Monday, November 21


When you hold an instrument, you get calluses on your hand. When you stop holding an instrument, for five years or so, those calluses go away. When you pick up the instrument again, your hand hurts.

My hand hurts.

But, luckily for me, I can still play. Not as well as before, certainly, but I haven't forgotten everything. Reading music was never the issue, hardly a day went by at old Central when I didn't have to read music for one reason or another. But, since we moved to the Interim Central building, and I didn't have to do music reference anymore, that kind of dropped off.

But, my flute was calling to me the past few weeks or so. It could be because I was trying to avoid contracts. Yesterday, however, I did both. I played for an hour or so, and then did contracts. One was harder than the other.

Yesterday, I also stuffed myself at Cracker Barrel, watched my Raiders pull off an amazing comeback (boy, they SUCK this year) Watched most of the Colts...... Productive day.....sorta.


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