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Wednesday, February 8

Casting my lot with the grammys

You know, I haven't watched the Grammys -- from beginning to end-- since I was in high school. Despite my youthful appearance (stop laughing!) that was a long time ago.

So, I decided, tonight I'm going to do exactly that.

Right now, Sir Paul is on. I'm digging it. So far I have liked everyone except Coldplay. I know they're a big deal, but I don't get it. I don't.

Sir Paul has a great sense of humor.

I know its sacrilegious....but I like U2's Helter Skelter better. Not that I don't like the original..... its just a preference. Sir Paul is doing a damn good job with it, though. He said he wanted to rock, and rockin he is.

An hour and fifteen into the show and I'm not bored yet. This is a good thing.

Oh yes, one other thing. Kelly Clarkson's dress for her performance.......looked like a red reject from Gone with the Wind. I was NOT feeling that dress. I love her, though. She's fab.


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