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Wednesday, March 15

Saturday --- So This is Vegas

The plane ride was good. Up smoothly. Down smoothly.....who can ask for more, huh? Its a funny sensation to have your ears pop with little headphones in. I'm just saying.

Getting up at 3:45 makes one very sleepy.

There is a Wolfgang Puck's express in O'Hare now. It may have always been there, I just don't remember seeing it before. Pizza for breakfast. Yum.

Vegas airport was slightly.....weird, somehow. I can't explain it. (no, it wasn't the slot machines. that seemed perfectly normal, oddly enough.)

LOVE downtown/old strip/ freemont. Loved it. I wish we would have stayed down there instead of on the strip.

Don't get me wrong. The strip was nice. Its like.......completely over the top and you can't help but gawk at the hotels. (Just try not gawking. go on. Try it.) But......well, I just liked the other part better.

Asleep early due to early morning plane rides and the like. So far, day one of Vegas is an 8.

Oh yeah, I played slots. I lost. and then I won back about half of what I lost. Free drinks make up for a lot. Free, strong drinks too, not weak baby drinks.

The hotel was okay. We stayed here. We ate at the buffet and it was wonderful. Of course, as you'll see in the "Monday" update, I believe it was so good because I was so very hungry on Saturday. But, on Saturday, it was wonderful.


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