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Friday, March 10


I thought the past few weeks would NEVER end. LARC brief, oral argument......regular reading for class.....why the hell did I want to go back to school again?

But, know what? Its all over! That LARC BS was a huge chunk of time and left me feeling extremely crazy trying to get everything done. Now that its over, life can go back to the normal busy and not the insanely busy its been the past few weeks. Normal busy I can handle. Hell, I even like normal busy.

Whole bunches of things have been happening in the media that I've given little more than a passing glance. My Tivo is starting to feel stuffed, and its got yet another few days before I can make a real dent into it.

I did make time to watch S3 of MI-5, though. A girl has to have some priorities, people!

So, Vegas tomorrow. A friend of mine just left today for Spain on her Spring Break. She's spending a lot more money than I am. That makes me smile.

Have a good one, people! I promise to post more (I don't promise that its going to be more interesting) upon my return!


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