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Friday, February 17

Beyond Blessed

So, my nephew was driving home from work yesterday (in the Motherland) and managed to slip on a patch of ice and ended up flipping his car (Geo tracker) over. Windows busted out. Side mirrors gone. God only knows what the frame is like.

And he walked away without a scratch. Broken glass all over the place, and not even a scratch! Amazing.

The first MY dad insisted was that he was going too fast. (Aren't dads like that?) But, as there was a patrol car right behind him as he got on the ramp, they assured us all that no, he wasn't going too fast. It was just icy. No tickets were issued. No stern warnings.

They towed the car to our favorite dealer (since he was on the Iowa side of the river. I'm sure that had something to do with the problem in the first place.) and I'm pretty sure they'll total the car. The damage HAS to be more than the worth of a 1997 Geo Tracker.

The funniest part of the whole ordeal? My nephew says that he got out of the car (which was resting very comfortably on the passenger side door) and ran.

Ran. My sister asked why he did that (aren't moms like that?) His genius answer?

"I thought it was going to blow up. Hey, I've seen those movies!"

I still crack up just thinking about it. I'm glad he's okay so I don't feel bad about laughing at his silly behind.


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