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Monday, February 13

Yep, I got nothin

sorry, folks. Nothing much doing lately. Nothing much but LARC and illegal wiretaps, that is. Until that fun is over, it'll probably be pretty dull over this a-way. Other people have interesting things going on, though.

Chris, over at Cynical-C just got married! Congrats.

I would blog about Ozzie not doing the White House visit, but its too stupid to comment about. Mountain, meet molehill.

I would blog about Kwan's departure from the Olympics, but I'm sure Chuck will have that covered.

So, really, what's left?

Baseball starts in a few short weeks. Actually, I think pitchers report this week. THANK GOD!

Speaking of baseball, the one Cub I can actually root for signed a 1 year extension this week. I love it when Z is on the mound.


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