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Monday, April 24

Today's CD

All the Way -- Etta James

I love me some Etta James. But, I wasn't crazy about this CD. You know, its strange. If you listen to jazz, you get used to hearing different people singing the same songs. There are people who are known for certain songs, but other people sing them and they're good. Or not, sometimes. But if you grew up listening to 70s, 80s, etc., songs are very much associated with people. And remakes are, for the most part, just not up to snuff. Because you're used to a song sounding a certain way.....the way the original singer did it.

Anyway, that's all to say that this is a CD of "remakes" of the modern day variety and I'm not crazy about it. There are one or two songs on here that I appreciate, but the rest of them sound like Etta doing......well, I won't say karaoke, but......

Compare that to my all time favorite Etta CD where she did the songs of Billie Holiday. Again, remakes, but fabulous ones. The songs she picked on All The Way.....maybe, in AI terms, she just had the wrong song choices. I don't know. Definitely worth a listen, but it was just all right for me. (Dawg.)


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