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Thursday, May 18

From the File labeled "Oh Hell No!"

And from the SBD, is this little gem.

Former FCC Chair Michael Powell has been mentioned as a candidate to succeed NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue. An NFL owner said, “He’s been throwing his name out there behind the scenes, telling people he would really like the job, and there’s definitely some interest there on the owners’ part” (, 5/18).

You can't possibly be serious. I mean, I know they're serious....but they can't possibly be serious!

Other strange offerings from the daily closing bell:

  • SportsNet N.Y. (SNY) today announced that Geico will title sponsor the net’s nightly sports news show, which will be known as “Geico SportsNite” (SNY).
  • “The Toyota thing is a factor. If he had gone back to Joe Gibbs Racing, I’m not sure the backlash would have been the same” - Ford Racing PR Manager Kevin Kennedy, on NASCAR driver Dale Jarrett potentially losing fans because of his move to a Toyota team (AP, 5/18).


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