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Woman's virtue is man's greatest invention --- Cornelia Otis Skinner

Friday, June 30

And a few discs

Yesterday's CD: Who knew that Nat King Cole had a brother?! He's good, although I don't think I like this CD quite as much as I liked the one Pandora told me about.

Today's CD: You know.....this isn't a bad CD. It isn't a great CD, but it isn't bad. AMG calls it "Imitation Swing" and that is pretty accurate. But, it sounds like an authentic imitation, at least. I don't know. Its a short CD, I got through the entire thing on the way to work, but it isn't bad. Definitely something you'd want to check out from the library instead of plunking down hard earned cash for. Not Bublé's best, for sure.

Has anyone seen Totally Blonde? I haven't yet.


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