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Monday, June 12

Good Morning!

Well, the good news is I'm working out at Glendale today and that means I get start about an hour and a half later than I would normally. Yippee!!! That means, at seven forty, I'm still at home. Instead of at work. This is GREAT!

The bad news is I have to stay later. There is always bad news, isn't there? Let us agree not to think on bad news until later in the day, shall we? Thanks. Appreciate your help there.

World Cup action over the weekend was great! Was I the only one cheering Trinidad & Tobago? Good for them! Are they the Cinderella story of the Cup? Its probably way too early to tell yet, but it was such a great match. They run into the English side next, and I have to say I wasn't too terribly impressed with them in their opening match. Its like the USA (basketball) dream team. Too many superstars, all playing their "own" game. It wasn't cohesive at all. Good team to look at, definitely, but their game wasn't so hot.

Speaking of good teams to look at --- Mexico vs. Iran. WOW. Hotness all over that field. I'm just sayin'.

Team USA is up toda and, my Tivo will be working overtime, recording in English and in German. (not for me, its for a friend!)

I'm sure Glendale doesn't get ESPN2.......

Have a great day, kids!


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