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Tuesday, June 6

To be Continued

Good Evening ladies and gentlemen,

Let's start this post out right. I won't be finishing it this time. See, there you go. Now, when it breaks off without the good stuff, you don't be disappointed.

I have links I want to add, but they're on a thumb drive. In my car. So, looks like that'll just have to wait until later. Most of them will be author links, so if you're not interested you're not missing out on anything. Its all good.

Speaking of author links, I've started another blog, but its not really going all that well yet. Its an all books blog. Seems to make sense, right? Its not exactly for work, but if I can get it the way I want it, I may start using it for work.

I have mentioned my perfectionist tendencies, right? Its really disgusting. But, its selective perfectionism. I'm certainly not a perfectionist where it counts (oh, let's say in school.....)

Anyway, I read an interesting blog post on one of these author blogs about how being an author has kind of morphed into being an all around entertainer via author talks and signings. I hadn't thought of it this way, but they kind of have a point. Authors are, sometimes, very solitary or even shy, people and they are increasingly expected to put on a show for the readers who flock to their booktalks. Just because they spin a good yarn (I HATE that expression!) doesn't mean they are capable of entertaining dozens of people for an hour or so with just a microphone and their incredible wit. Some are natural extroverts. Some have learned to become a performer, but its interesting how even writers now have an expectation to entertain beyond their chosen medium. And what happens when you read your favorite writer, go to their book signing and find them incredibly boring? Does that change your opinion of their writing? I don't know. Its an interesting discussion.

The other side, of course, is are they obligated to do this? We always yawn and snipe when other entertainers (musicians, actors, etc.) whine about how hard it is to do their public appearance crap. This didn't come off as whining and maybe that is the difference. I don't know. I'm asking.

In other news, class is starting. Professional Responsibility. Probably something about blogging in class.....not professional. not responsible.


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