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Tuesday, June 13

More World Cup Pics

Fox Sports photographers have got to be the best photographers in the world. They manage to snap the greatest pictures!

Anyway, of the 41 that I flipped through, these were the most amusing to me. I'm easily amused, though, so feel free to be bored or disagree in the comments.

Netherlands crazies. I have no idea WTF this is supposed to be. But its hilarious. Spaghetti monster meets Lion-O? I have no idea. I mean, really. Face painting is good. Crazy ass foam things (with flags) are good, but together?

More Netherlands crazy people. I'm getting the whole punk rock vibe here, but face painting is sooooo last season! Its summer, boys. Take off those shirts and paint that chest!


The protests at the Mexico-Iran match

Don't ask me. I have no idea.

Are those horns?! I'm sure its a cultural thing I know nothing about.

And last, but not least, my favorite. I like to call this one "Witness Protection"


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