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Tuesday, July 11


I know I've been kinda MIA lately. Too much homework, not enough time (or inclination really) to do it. But to recap:

Italy winning the World Cup. I wish it would have been France, wasn't.

I was in Illinois over this past weekend, and went to one of my favorite Italian Restaurants: Cimino's. It doesn't have a website, which is a pity. Its great.

It was a family reunion (over the weekend) and I met a bunch of people who are related to me that I never knew existed. I always thought this was kind of odd, no? Anyway, they live in New York, North Carolina and.....Hawaii. SWEET! All places I like to visit or I'd like to visit.

And now I'm gonna go check out the All Star game so its post and run. But, I promise to post something interesting (at least to me!) tomorrow.

No, really. I promise.

Have a good one!


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