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Tuesday, August 29

inter ali-ugh

So, I'm reading a review of the new London Noir collection today, in Britain's The Guardian, and I come across this paragraph:

And here's the problem: London Noir's stories, about ventriloquist psychiatrists, corrupt police officers and blackmailing pickpockets inter alia, might have worked as regular crime stories. They are sunk by their forced association with noir. There are elements of the genre here - sex, lust, violence, and a certain degree of amorality - but these tales refuse to gel into the seamlessly sexy stories that we associate with Chandler or Cain and, in the end, they lack any of the hard-nosed style or panache that's expected from a noir story, let alone the muscular elegance found in the work of the very best writers.

Ugh. Is that how you people write book reviews over there?! My eyes slid right by it but I did go back for a second look. I'm seeing legalese everywhere I turn these days! Would it have killed him to say it a different way? Is the average Guardian reader going to know what the heck he's talking about? Well, probably. I sure as heck wouldn't have known.


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