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Saturday, September 2

Morning in Middle America

Greetings from Illinois. I'll have to take some pictures from the front steps where I'm typing this.....on stolen Internet service because someone has you can see the total suburbia I'm surrounded by. All the houses look the same. There are cars parked in front of houses, or in driveways. The house across the street is a mirror image of our house as far as layout is concerned. Theirs is yellow, ours is green. It used to be yellow. And the bushes in front of our house look kind of sad and pathetic. I don't know what happened to them.

Anyway, its an absolutely GORGEOUS day out, and I think I may pull off the sleeveless dress for the wedding after all. I was a bit worried yesterday, when I got here, because it was cool and dark and gloomy. Today is exactly the opposite. I swear, I don't know if Tiffany placed an order for this weather, but it turned out perfectly.

And I just finished watching my first premiership game of the season. I swear, does a Saturday morning get any better? No, no it doesn't.


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