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Monday, April 9

The Tasty edition

Well, let's see. I got a rough draft of my paper done. It needs some work, but it wasn't disastrous, so I'm calling it a win.

I didn't fall over dead during my class presentation of said paper.

It was a pretty good week last week. Not much posting, aside from my computer issues, but even those are fixed now. I went to work this morning, and it was good as new. God Bless, IT guys! (and gals, although, in this case, it was all guys.)

A cohort came back from LA (Louisiana, not the other LA) and brought chips! Zapps. Heard of 'em? Neither had I. She brought back several kinds, but I fell in love with Spicy Creole Tomato spiked with Tabasco. I know! It sounds grosser than gross. (What's grosser than gross? Does anyone else remember when all junior high jokes started out that way......I digress.....) Anyway, they sound gross. And I'm not a fan of Tabasco, either. I don't own any. Never buy it. Never use it. But, I tried the chips anyway and WOW were they good. Not hot at all. Spicy, but not hot. I'm in love with Zapps.

Yesterday, I bought Fried Ice cream. I had always wondered why no one made this. And then, lo and behold, there it was at Kroger. Yeah. Its delicious. You knew it would be. If you like fried ice cream (and I LOVE fried ice cream) this is the ice cream for you.


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