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Monday, March 26

Ladies and Gentlemen: It's that time again!

That's right. The time for choosing classes for Summer and Fall! Yippeee!!!!!

Ahem.....right. So, for the summer, it looks like it is going to be (drum roll please) Church and State relations. I thought, briefly, about taking two classes this summer but I think I'm going to be a little busy for that. Hopefully.

So, for the fall: Labor Law, Crim Pro I need your help. I'm waffling between Secured Transactions (during the day, but at a good time where I'll have absolutely no problem getting a parking spot. 12:45.) and Civil Rights (not during the day, and something I'm actually interested in.) Although, truthfully, ST doesn't sound all that bad. I know that ST is probably more beneficial. What do ya'll think? I'm sure someone has taken at least one of these two classes before. What's the 411?


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